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I just saw the above article with the comments from Gough which I find highly interesting since Brian and Kelly stated that they took several plot points from the finale from what Miles and Gough intended to do with the series finale. They didn't say what of course, but that comment is rather interesting. I dunno if they would have done it THAT much differently than Brian and Kelly did but yeah there would have been a difference in structure and tone.

My favorite part of the article is when he says I think they did the best they could. LOL. I'm kind of surprised he didn't just come right out and reveal what they would have done differently. It's not like it would hurt anything now.

IIRC they came up with a couple of different finale scenarios, including one if the show was canceled during the Veritas storyline. They should reveal these now, although I think we saw some of those seeds in the actual finale. We know Tess would not have been involved and Lionel probably either since Brian and Kelly created Tess and brought back the latter.
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