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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

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^ Also, the liner notes's author goes out of his way to describe how nice and wonderful Berman was about his criticism of McCarthy's music, and how he basically put on his best cologne and took him out to a sexy night downtown when he broke the news. Seemed a bit ridiculous, s'all.

I've listened to the complete set now (kudos to for getting it to Germany in just four days), and here's the gist:
  • CD 1 starts out very strong with Haven, the cue from The Big Goodbye is just wonderful - the rest is sonic wallpaper. Also, the track from All Good Things... was on one of the two best-of soundtracks a decade ago. Why waste disc space on pre-released material?
  • CD 2 is boring.
  • The Steiner and Davis scores are brilliant! (I always loved Davis's work on Beauty and the Beast, btw.) Debney is meh. The polka version of the TOS main theme is just too awesome for words.
According to the LaLa Land producer, Michael Gerhard, those two cues from "All Good Things..." were included at Dennis McCarthy's specific request, because he really liked those cues. This one disc runs the gamut of his music on TNG, so he might have decided that including these two cues made for a nice, creative arc to the disc. Anyway, if the composer you're working with wants to include those cues, then you are obliged to do so.

And in talking to Dennis two weeks ago at his signing, he still seemed pretty positive about his entire tenure of composing music for Trek. During the years of TNG and beyond, it was a very big deal that a weekly show was having its score performed by a 40-50 piece orchestra. It's extremely expensive and continued to disappear rapidly from the television scene. Dennis said in past interviews how much he still appreciated being able to stand in front of and conduct an orchestra of such great L.A. based players.
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