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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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As to saying it to Vaughn, well, it's not supposed to be an issue anymore, and I just wanted to show that Vaughn and Prynn are really getting along well now.
I don't mean the past problems between them. It's just that I don't think their sexuality is a subject that women would discuss with their fathers. Some might--I don't claim it's impossible--but I'd also expect the father to be disturbed by such a conversation.
I'm not a woman, so maybe there's subtleties I'm missing in the potential reactions. But my intention was exactly that it is the kind of thing they're comfortable discussing, because questions of sexual orientation are completely neutral by the 24th century. At least at this conversational level - I'm not talking graphic descriptions, there I'd agree with you that there's some things a parent doesn't need to hear about their child. But I don't think I would be uncomfortable mentioning in passing to my mother that I had once considered sleeping with a girl, had it ever happened. But then everyone's parents are different.

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Really was happy to see Shar back on the 'show'. I was always miffed that he was basically written off after the Andor book and was never really mentioned again.

Also happy to see Taran'atar back. Poor guy is going to have to do even more fence mending than in the first place
I realise that both of these contradict the Typhon Pact books - Zero Sum Game states that Taran'atar never returned to the station, and likewise Paths of Disharmony with Shar. But I had story ideas for both of them, and wanted to include them, so I decided to disregard those small details.

Other than that and a couple of other tiny details, I'm trying to stay as close to the established TrekLit material as possible - future as well as past. I'm only disregarding things when I have a very good reason to do so. Like saying in episode one that Admiral Batanides works in Human Resources when she's clearly established in books like Hollow Men as being in Intelligence - a very deliberate change for a specific reason.

In some ways I'm thinking of this as the TV show - Batanides hasn't been seen on TV since "Tapestry," so I'm free to change some details because TV supercedes Lit. Likewise another character I'm introducing later in the season is familiar to readers of the Lit, but wouldn't be to TV viewers, so I'm able to thread in a "surprise" to the viewers even though it's actually nothing of the sort to observant readers.

I might even do annotations eventually.

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