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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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I'll fall back for now on the couple of paragraphs that accompanied our casting announcement for Gaitanis, back in October 2009:

Humanity has not discovered an abundance of “new Earths” orbiting other stars - most worlds upon which human beings can live at all are barely habitable. The emigrants from Earth - not all of them voluntary pioneers - who’ve populated the mining worlds and marginal factory planets have adapted themselves through genetic surgery and technological enhancements to survive in places inimicable to life itself. Now a new cadre of leaders have arisen on these worlds, harnessing ages of resentment and rebellion to form the Transhuman Authority and launch a war of conquest against Earth and its United Worlds allies.

You know, there is almost a sort of moral behind this. 'Take care of what you allow to be sown, otherwise it might come back to haunt you'

By allowing people to be "Shanghaied" to work as slaves, and allowing colonists to be taken advantage of by those who ran the colonies, the United Worlds allowed events to take place that would lead to war. They could have prevented the Transhuman Authority from coming into existence or growing so powerful if they had implemented better peacekeeping policies, better supported all colonies, and better enforced the rights of individuals.
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