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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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^ I don't know if we're sacrificing either CA or IM with The Avengers. Both characters are still supposed to have their own trilogies of movies, which is generally as much as any superhero movie series gets.
Well yeah, they'll probably get their movies - but how good will they be? There was a lot of complaining about how much of a come-down Iron Man II was from the first one, and largely because of all the extra franchise crap being jammed into it to set up the "Marvel movie universe."

Ultimately, though, whether you see this kind of thing as damage is clearly a matter of what you like as an individual, and I've already stated my preference for more period-set Captain America movies - the first one isn't brilliant just because it features Chris Evans playing Captain America; it's a completely successful package as conceived and written and cast and executed, and they're throwing away everything but Evans - all the supporting characters (I know, not necessarily all the actors) and the milieu that Johnston and the others so wonderfully evoked and developed.
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