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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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Whatever you do to write Ezri, you keep very in-character well--she gets on my nerves exactly the same way she does in the show. Consider it a compliment I, for one, won't miss her.
Heh - thanks, i guess!

Prynn and her interest in ladies...Hmm, while I find nothing wrong with her thinking, I wonder what girl would tell her father about something like that. I wouldn't.
I'm fairly sure that's not original to me - she said something similar in Lesser Evil or Unity or one of those. As to saying it to Vaughn, well, it's not supposed to be an issue anymore, and I just wanted to show that Vaughn and Prynn are really getting along well now. And if Prynn can be interested in Shar, then she's already not limiting herself to strictly male partners.

I'd say it was the best episode so far

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