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Captain Eastman, a veteran of a Borg invasion and the Dominion War. Someone that has seen the bitterness, grit, and darkness in some of the Federation's living memory. For years he served Starfleet proud, from war to exploration, and now it was his time to retire, his time to forget the horrors of war and death and reflect only on the glories of past exploration and discoveries. But, this wasn't what fate had in store for him. In the far off Galaxy of M90, an Iconian Gateway flashed to life as the first Federation explorers came through to see the wonders of another whole galaxy. What these intrepid explorers don't know is in the M90 galaxy, a race, divinely destined to rule, rules with an iron first and now, they will soon know about the Milky Way galaxy and the billions of lives that need the divine protection of the Divine Alliance, weather they want that protection or not...

This is the world of Star Trek: Dallas, which follows the adventures of the USS Dallas an Excelsior Class starship that has been thrust into the M90 galaxy. It's mission is to explore the M90 galaxy, to protect the Federation, and to bring hope and light to those who live in the shadow of an uncaring and brutal empire. The year is 2387, the place is the USS Dallas, your doorway to adventure today!

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