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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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And Ezri begins her journey towards becoming captain of the Aventine. While Zero Sum Game may have implied that Ezri had transferred to the Aventine from DS9, she did mention seeking a berth on one of the Luna-class ships in one of the novels after Unity, but Sisko replied that one wouldn't be in service for another year.
Zero Sum Game may have implied that, but it didn't outright state it, so I used that wiggle room here. It just seemed to me that there's at least three years yet from this point until Destiny, and that's a lot of time to have Dax fannying about on the question of whether to transfer or not. Eventually we'd be like, "Oh just stop talking about it and transfer already!" Likewise, we know that Vesta class vessels aren't even on the drawing board yet, so she can't transfer immediately to the Aventine.

So I needed a middle ground - somewhere else to transfer her to first. Given that conversation in Warpath, the Luna seemed like the perfect choice, and I did specifically say that it was the shakedown cruise - the tryouts, not the full mission.

And of course, we already know what happens to the Luna, don't we...

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