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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

I know I'm late, but I've been watching Season 4 and doing it at a pretty quick pace and I've got to say, I love early 7 of 9. She was more of a rebel, but she also had a humor side, like the scenes with Kim in Revulsion. I actually just watched "Random Thoughts" and her scene with Janeway at the end was great. She comes in, says her piece, and leaves and Janeway can only say "dismissed".

I've also been kind of looking forward to the episodes 7 was the main character (Which doesn't seem that many this early on, at least from what I can remember) and other than the Bomar story, I really really like The Raven. Well told character story and gives us more glimpses of Annika Hanson. Also, Jeri Ryan is really playing 7 well in the early going. Looking forward to revisiting season 5-7 and see how the character develops (Which I know she really starts bonding with The Doctor and my favorite 7 of 9 episode might be Someone to Watch Over Me).

I do kind of wish she had kept the Silver outfit a little longer. Must of been really uncomfortable but man was it attractive.
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