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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Again, stated earlier, if a frequently seen character from canon had been "outed", it would be quite a shock. One of the regularly depicted Trek-lit characters, probably so (you could theoretically make Sarina Douglas bi if one interpreted her reference to "people" who had shown romantic interest in her that way). But that's probably countered by the fact that Prynn was briefly "bi-curious", so nothing doing there.

Nice to see a lot of different storylines play out at once. Looks like all the pieces are in place for later encounters with the Ascendants. And Ezri begins her journey towards becoming captain of the Aventine. While Zero Sum Game may have implied that Ezri had transferred to the Aventine from DS9, she did mention seeking a berth on one of the Luna-class ships in one of the novels after Unity, but Sisko replied that one wouldn't be in service for another year.
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