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Re: Nichelle Nichols Interview

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This is fun. I feel like Columbo.
You know what that means... William Shatner did it!

I do think it's a shame there's so much ridiculous hyperbole about Trek's amazing influence on things like race relations (usually from those involved blowing their own trumpet), because the perfectly natural "What a load of crap" reaction to such OTT comments means what Trek did do tends to get overlooked. Elements of it have dated now, but it was still one of several shows (some of which have been mentioned already) that marked a sea change in the attitudes of American TV. That's a good thing, even if it's not the Earth Shattering Epoch some would have you think.

As for changing stories, as well as memories not being what they were, actors in general often exaggerate their anecdotes, their much more interested in being entertaining than strictly accurate. It's annoying for TV and film historians, but it's not inherently sinister.
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