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Re: "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Updates

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As of last year, Mad Men was pulling in approximately 6 million viewings when adding together all airings, DVR, and VOD.
Pfft, TWD does that in one episode. No need to pad the numbers by cobbling everything together. Comparison of the series' ratings here.

The season finale of AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead" lurched all the way to the ratings record book. The episode drew six million viewers, more than any other AMC series.
That let AMC lay claim to the somewhat esoteric but still noteworthy crown of having the most watched drama series in basic cable history among the coveted 18-49 demographic.


Overall, "The Walking Dead" has been by far the most popular series ever on AMC, drawing twice as many viewers as the channel's most critically lauded show, "Mad Men."
(I have no idea why the HuffPo thinks the demographic the advertisers want to reach is "esoteric." It's more like "the whole point of TV." )

TWD also does great overseas:

Season one of The Walking Dead marked the best performance for a US cable show in the international market. It delivered record breaking ratings in both the US and internationally.
But this whole fracas does have the benefit of demonstrating why it's good that TV honchos make heartless decisions based on a cold-blooded look at the Nielsens. To do it any other way just means the suits are going to favor their pet projects. Why should I have any respect for that? I don't care about what they like, I care about what I like! I'm willing to let the Nielsens be the arbiter because at least it's objective.

So the next time you're favorite show gets axed for low ratings, just be glad it isn't being axed because the suits like a different show better.
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