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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

Just got the set. The case was smashed but luckily I could salvage it and replace the case with a similar one I had lying around. None of the discs were damaged.

I immediately popped in disc 2, since Chattaway is my favorite composer, but was not impressed. The selection of cues clearly demonstrates the unimaginetaive and bland scoring of the final years of TNG. There are few standout cues. While listening to it, it did exactly what Rick Berman intended it to do.... dissolve into the background. A crying shame.

I'm also entertained by the booklet with its highly revisionist notes about the evolving "style" of the music on TNG, stating that the blandness of the music was a creative decision on McCarthy's part that was more in line with the producers wishes rather than Berman's costcutting and total lack of musical vision. We all know Rick Berman can't tell music from white noise.

Off to listen the other discs. Have higher hopes for discs 1 and 3.
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