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Re: Nichelle Nichols Interview

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So it appears Nichols, Nimoy, and Keonig were all wrong. All within a few years of making the movie. You'd think the DIRECTOR of the film of all people would know the real story. Why doesn't anyone accuse Nimoy and Keonig of being liars?
Koenig very likely didn't know the full story, only that this lady, who wasn't supposed to say anything, is suddenly speaking (which probably prompted him to think that she wasn't a rebellious extra but someone from off the street who happened to wander into the shot -- stranger things have happened, so why the hell not?), and the people behind the camera are chattering about how they want to keep that take and she has to sign something so they can. I don't recall Nimoy's exact version, but I know it doesn't differ all that much with Koenig's, or, for that matter, the actual facts as they've just been related to us, that it was just one take, the pretty lady spoke when she really wasn't supposed to, and some extra paperwork got generated so they could keep the shot.

Their version of what happened during the "nuclear vessels" scene seem to be just as inaccurate as Nichols's version. Yet she is the only one painted as a liar. In reality, they all probably just had faulty memories or didn't get the complete story while filming within a hectic schedule on location... Or any other number of reasons.
Koenig's, and possibly Nimoy's (if someone could check on that, it'd be appreciated), are only lacking a few details. Nichols adds in a whole boatload of stuff that just ain't so. And while her version makes for a great con story, not to mention filling a lot more time than either of the other versions, that doesn't make it any more true.
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