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Anyone know if they're going to turn the Foundry back on at some point? It's been out a while now. Figured it might just be to get the bugs worked out of the season 4 release, but it's been a while now.

And if they're not going to turn out new episodes or endgame content more quickly, the Foundry missions are key to getting veteran players to keep logging in...
The Foundry was actually up and working (and the corrupted missions restored) for about a week. Then they had to push a patch that changed a number of backend things (for the PWI sale) - and it had a know issue (that they posted about on the Tribble and th Holodeck patch notes) which they thiought ONLY occured when editing and previewing a ground map.

After they pushed it Live - they found in affected more than just grond maps in the Foundry editor (but again, to be fair, they soon narrowed itr down to a few specific ground maps and any mission using that map would crash on transfer) - so last Friday afternoon - after a week of the Foundry being up and fully usable, they took it down again, until a build that fixed the problem could be tested.

That build is now on Tribble (Monday 8/15/11); and they said they want to do some more internal and Tribble testing; but if all goeds well, they expect to re-enable the Foundry sometime on Wednesday (8/17/11).
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