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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Rear Window is many things, but I don't think I could ever call it dull. It definitely sounds like something you might enjoy revisiting.

As far as The Rocketeer goes, I sure wish that movie was available on Blu-Ray (or even a half-decent DVD). It's terrific, fun, and quite a bit better than Captain America: The First Avenger in my estimation -- probably because it doesn't have to serve the monster that is the Marvel Universe.

125. The Godfather (A-)
126. After Last Season (F)

The Godfather: What more can be said about Coppola's classic gangster movie? I waffle between liking it and The Godfather Part II more -- this time I felt the pendelum shifting to the sequel -- but it's still quite a good movie. The performances are, from beginning to end, quite excellent, as are the music, writing, direction -- you name it. Kay is such a thankless part, though, especially in the first movie. And Brando's part has been so parodied over the years that -- through no fault of the movie -- it is hard to take him seriously.

After Last Season: Perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen to have a trailer hosted on itunes, it has the production values of a high school video project and writing and acting to match. And when I say high school video project, I'm serious -- the "sets" are nothing more than an abandoned building with plain white butcher paper and cardboard pasted on the walls. I saw it with friends during our semi-regular "bad movie night." We expected something so bad it was good -- like The Room -- but ended up seeing something so bad it was just...awful. An unwatchable movie.
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