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Re: Nichelle Nichols Interview

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I prefer to believe neither side. I have no dog in this fight. All I'm asking for is some citations. Like I said, if there's no evidence, it's just hearsay. Just because some older people who have thousands of posts on a fanatical internet forum agree that it's bullshit based on some vague recollection of conventions in the 1980s doesn't make it fact. It's just not satisfactory. Don't let your bias get in the way, Dennis. Provide some citations if you feel so strongly about it.
You know, some of the televised interviews aired before the internet age, are not well indexed, and take, you know, good ol' fashioned work to track down. Once located, some of the video may even turn out not to be available anymore outside of certain public or university libraries. It's not like people aren't working on it. In fact, it's been pointed out to the contrary in this thread that some people are voluntarily making an effort to dig up the citations that everyone else can just double click on.

Here is a telling of the story from this year:

There is some discussion here:
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