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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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gay men and/or gay employees. We know that they don't want women in the workplace (or at least they didn't), but do they even have a position on LGBTs? Quark seems happy for women to sell their bodies for profit, but would he think it's beneath a man? He rejected the entire idea of a dabo boy at first, but that was just a kneejerk reaction and he soon realised the potential. Did he have to get past socio-sexual issues to do so? We only have the scene in "Rules of Acquisition" to go by, where Quark is kissed by Pel (who he still thinks is a man at the time). He was shocked, probably just because Quark is an established straightie, but he didn't seem to reveal any fundamental homophobia. See what I said about thinking too much?

Actually, I'd bet the Ferengi position is probably analagous to our present day. There are going to be conservative Ferengi against homosexual relations, and growing number of progressives who are more accepting.
Quark himself, my guess, would probably publicly show distaste against homosexuals since he always wants to show that he exemplifies fundamentalist Ferengi values, rather than the changes his society has gone through brought on by Zek and his own brother. However, through the course of DS9, we know that's just a fascade and all bluster. Inside he's actually somewhat charitable and very open minded, he just does his best not to show it.
At least, that's my take on Ferengis
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