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Re: Nichelle Nichols Interview

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Koenig and Nimoy, on the other hand, only tell of one take, and that the lady wasn't one of the extras, but someone off the street who was just walking her dog, had no idea there was a movie being shot, and was giving directions to these two strange people. The moment was so humorous and honest, they knew they wanted to keep it, but now it was a mad dash to track her down and get her to sign a release so they could use the footage.
If true, I have an awful lot of respect for Koenig's ability to ad lib. His "Alameda, that's vat I said, Alameda" is what really sold it.

As for Nichols, I've always maintained she is an absolutely beautiful woman, inside and out. And she's been believing her own bullshit for waaaaay too long.
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