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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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This is a good superhero movie, but it's also one that never manages (nor tries) to transcend the rather conservative conventions that govern the genre.
What I liked about Cap was its embrace of the conventional superhero in a way that most recent films haven't; no irony or cynicism, things that wouldn't be appropriate to Steve (they would be appropriate in other characters, as with Iron Man). They took his straightforward character and made it work, a more serious version of Johnston's The Rocketeer.

As to Rear Window, that was the first Hitchcock film I ever watched, some years ago. I found it very dull; I've since watched a couple of his other movies and liked them a lot more.

100. Bonnie and Clyde (A-)
101. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (A-)
102. Elmer Gantry (B+)
103. Sanjuro (A-)
104. The Help (B+)
105. Dark Passage (B+)
106. Easy A (B)
107. Rob Roy (B+)

Braveheart's overlooked younger brother, loosely adapted from a novel by Sir Walter Scott that was itself a fairly loose telling of the story. Some lovely scenery (they make great use of the mists), and some great action (I knew going in that the final duel has been held up as one of the best, and having seen it I would agree). A bit more balanced in its portrayal of the English and the Scots than was Braveheart. The main villains are a depraved lot, as the movie wastes no opportunity to show us, though I like the more reserved portrayal of the Marquess of Montrose by contrast. The main strengths are Liam Neeson (who projects nobility in the same way Gregory Peck did, but Neeson is much better at adding shadings and character than Peck was) and Tim Roth - this was one of the roles that led to him being typecast as a villain.
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