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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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Im getting both of these games! I playing 3, ODST, Reach and Halo Wars again cause of it! I love the graphical switch option. It really shows how pain-stakingly acurate they were in re-creating this game, and not going fot a Goldeneye type re-make. The remake looks incredible,very much looking foward to Halo 4! I hope that Halo 2 is re-made in a similar fashion, so the whole saga can be on the 360!

I realize you can play 1 & 2 on hard drive enabled systems, but Still, it would be awesome.
It's kinda impossible to NOT be faithful when your using the exact same game engine and code, they've just overhauled the graphics and added in some terminals. That's about it I think.
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