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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

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Yeah, I'm not sure we really need another release of TNG music. This CD is a great sampling of very good work, but an earlier poster said its pretty interchangeable, and I agree with that.
Yeah, I've still been working my way through the Chattaway disc, and a lot of it is pretty boring. Which is Berman's fault more than Chattaway's. Berman wanted music that wouldn't call attention to itself, which doesn't really lend itself to soundtrack album releases. It was frustrating listening to "The Perfect Mate" and hearing a theme try to assert itself but not be allowed to recur or develop the way musical themes should.

Now, there is some later stuff that could be worthwhile. In the later seasons, the restrictions on leitmotifs eased off somewhat. For instance, Chattaway established a strong Species 8472 theme in VGR: "Scorpion" and later episodes. And I really love his Irish music in VGR: "Spirit Folk." But Chattaway's TNG work has few such highlights. Basically there's "Tin Man," "Darmok," and "The Inner Light," but I'm not sure how much else is worth putting on a soundtrack album. (Although with the proviso that I haven't finished listening to Disc 2 yet.)

And I still say that if they're doing all these box sets now, they really should do one containing all the TOS music that hasn't been released yet -- and ideally as complete a reconstruction of the animated series' music as they can manage.
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