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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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Cowboys & Aliens, it's a damn shame that too many people will or have listened to Rottentomatoes or Megacritic and chose not to see this film.
The film was tracking poorly well before any reviews came out, and it has poor word of mouth; you can't blame critics for that. I don't know where this idea that audiences follow critics like lemmings comes from; if that were the case, Michael Bay would have been run out of Hollywood years ago.
Maybe it's a case by case basis but I know several people at work and elsewhere who do use that. I'm that "movie guy" that most social circles have and I've heard the line used, "Well I saw/heard it's getting bad reviews so I was wondering if you'd seen it yet and what you thought". So yeah, in my case I do know a few lemmings.

Michael Bay isn't really bad, Uwe Boll is and he's basically been run out of the industry.
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