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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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I didn't seem all that surprised that the Dabo boy was gay and I hadn't heard of the other guy, so it wasn't much of surprise to either way.
Candlewood was established as one of the engineering staff as far back as the Mission Gamma books. He was the one who Bashir accidentally stabbed in the leg while he was losing his faculties in Cathedral. He was established in Lesser Evil as being a practical joker - he was the one who gave Nog a milkshake which to his horror didn't have tube grubs in it. Prynn suggested at that time that maybe he had a crush on Nog. She could have easily just been joking, but I decided to run with it and make him officially gay.

As for Hetik... hmmm, I can't quite decide if he's full-on gay or not. I feel like it's a bit stereotypical that the big muscly himbo would be gay, but I suppose that's no reason for him not to be. Also take into account that he is a dabo boy, and they are paid to flirt with customers and make them think they're interested. I don't want to call Hetik a prostitute, but it's also established that customers can "win a date with" a dabo person in a contest sometimes (I think that was from Mission Gamma too), and I'm sure that in that circumstance, Hetik has had "dates" with men and women, and Treir has probably had dates with men and women too. So there might not be any more to it than that from Hetik's point of view. Or maybe there is. I haven't really decided. It doesn't play a big role in my plans.

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I thought it was well handled.
Thank you. Definitely my intention to make it appear as a non-issue on the page, even if I put a lot of thought into it in my head. I do tend to overthink things.

Curiously, the first thing that popped in my head would be that Quark would probably frown on the date in his own establishment. Better to keep the clientele thinking that he's single. Sort of like movie stars back in the day pretending to be single, so their fans could fantasize about them.
Valid point. I imagine a quick peck on the cheek to keep someone spinning the dabo wheel would be a fairly frequent sight in the bar, but a full-on makeout session is something else. On the other hand, everybody seemed to know Bashir was dating Leeta all that time, and then Leeta married Rom, so...

I kind of played with that a bit when I had Treir complain about the kiss - because he should pretend to be single? because it's two guys? - only to reveal that she's just jealous and wants to get in there herself.

Also makes you wonder what the Ferengi position is on gay men and/or gay employees. We know that they don't want women in the workplace (or at least they didn't), but do they even have a position on LGBTs? Quark seems happy for women to sell their bodies for profit, but would he think it's beneath a man? He rejected the entire idea of a dabo boy at first, but that was just a kneejerk reaction and he soon realised the potential. Did he have to get past socio-sexual issues to do so? We only have the scene in "Rules of Acquisition" to go by, where Quark is kissed by Pel (who he still thinks is a man at the time). He was shocked, probably just because Quark is an established straightie, but he didn't seem to reveal any fundamental homophobia. See what I said about thinking too much?

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