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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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Thank you Shatnerage!!!!

Now peoples.. I need suggestions. I am going to see Kate starting this Friday night and then all day Saturday. I will be in the VIP thingie so hopefully get to talk to her. The whole convention has only 200 people anyway so my past experiences have been you get to see them quite well and sometimes chat.


We will have Tim Russ, the wonderful Kate and Leonard Nimoy will be doing a Q & A via Skype on the big screen. I'm only interested in Kate questions if you all have any suggestions.
Are there any scenes that she's surprised by from her judgement, that is ones she disliked but the public liked.

Are their any roles or scenes that scared you or hit too close to home, that is the performance needed to let out too much of Kate Mulgrew's feelings, to get the job done.
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