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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

70. Rocky II: C+
71. Rocky III: B+
72. Rocky IV: A
73. Cowboys & Aliens: B
74. Wonder Woman (DC Animated): B+

Rocky II, is a tale of two movies. The first part is rushed and really bad with the film cramming all of Rocky's success with commercials and marriage into the first act. The second act drags a bit but gets the film back on track and it does end well in the final act.

Rocky III, is darn near close to matching the other series entries as damn near perfect. Hulk Hogan & Mr.T in the same movie while building on Rocky's character and growth in a much more organic way than Rocky II showed.

Rocky IV, this is the quintessential Rocky film, or was. I must say that although I'm not going to review it it's possible that the last in the series, Rocky Balboa now holds the high mark for me. Still this film that shows how Apollo Creed and Rocky have really grown as friends then his death. The training montage in the Russian winter, one of the best.

Cowboys & Aliens, it's a damn shame that too many people will or have listened to Rottentomatoes or Megacritic and chose not to see this film. It's a fun movie with a straight forward and engaging plot. There are good character arcs for nearly every main character in the movie. If you were on the fence I say check this out, it's a good theater movie. Several good "big screen" sequences.

Wonder Woman, this recent DC animated film with Keri Russell as Diana, Rosario Dawson as Artemis and Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor this is a really good film. Very impressed by this film.

Yes, I watched a number of films but I had plenty of laundry to fold this weekend!! Had to have something on to help me through that domestic chore.
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