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Re: Humanoid Sexuality in TrekLit (Minor Spoilers for VGD: Declassifie

While we're discussing LGBT sexuality, I'd love to see a take on it in the Andorian civilization. Since there are 4 sexes, quad mating isn't technically homosexual by their standards, though since 2 are seen as female and 2 as male, I can see the perception by others to be interesting. But what happens if there are same-sex attractions (either real, like zhen/zhen or perceived, like shen/zhen)? Are there "monosexual" Andorians that prefer only one or two of the sexes (including their own), rather than all of the others? If there was such an individual, how would they reconcile a pressure to reproduce to sustain the species with their attractions; would it be acceptable to act on them once children have been successfully produced in a bond and the individual is no longer needed as a fertile contributor? I liked the Shar/Prynn thing, but I would have also loved to see Shar with a male, for example. There are so many possibilities and I would love to see them.
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