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Re: A New Modern Trek Animated Series

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The temporal reset button can un-destroy Vulcan and Romulus both. But since there was no dramatic payoff to Romulus' offscreen destruction, that's another good reason to decanonize it. I have no investment in something I was merely told about in dialogue
we saw spock escaping the explosion on screen....

anyways a destroyed romulan empire and STO's klingon invasion of the romulan remnants fits in imo with the future we saw in "All Good Things...", and its not like romulans are extinct, just that their homeworld is gone - romulans themselves survive on their colonies and probably in factions just like the french in wwii irl - makes a good universe for story telling methinks espiecially in episodic format, klingons the baddies again, romulan intrigue between remnant factions
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