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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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To be perfectly honest, though, I would even have been happy without any restored FX, if we could have just gotten the live action material digitally restored to the level of TOS-R, that would have been enough for me to shell out for the set
You're forgetting one important detail Bonzo. The live action segments of the show can also contain special effect elements. Everything from phaser fire, explosions, energy beams, holodeck transitions, even computer terminals all had to go through the standard definition video editing process in order to incorporate those effects. The only footage that would be in high definition would be the shots that have no special effects of any kind. Can you imagine how choppy and distracting the show would look if in one shot the scene is in high definition with no visuals, and the next shot is in standard definition simply because a phaser blast shot right passed the characters?

You might as well present every Q episode in standard definition if you're going to have leave his teleporting trick intact, because they usually occur after a long segment of dialogue.
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