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Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "Especially the Lies"

Historian’s Note: The main events of this story take place shortly after “The Siege of AR-558” (DS9) and are a continuation of "True Lies".

And now the conclusion...


If I could do it over again, I would have gone to look for my son after hearing of the attack on Tevlik’s moonbase. Instead, I put the Maquis ahead of my own child. By some misguided need to avenge those thousands slaughtered mercilessly by the Dominion. I abandoned him. I convinced myself that my highest priority was to consolidate what was left of the Maquis and escape to safety. Even if I do find him alive and I bring him home safe and sound, will he ever forgive me? I know I will never forgive myself no matter the outcome for having ignored a basic maternal instinct.

Not that I should expect a happy ending. I’ve had so few of them in my life. For all I know, the rest of my team is dead. How foolish of me to think I could sneak aboard a space station so deep behind enemy lines and free my son from the clutches of Crell Moset. All I’ve done now is to doom Yanith, myself and six others who accompanied me on this fool’s errand.

Those were the thoughts of Limis Vircona as she was sprawled across the deck in a corridor of Sentok Nor barely conscious. On a mission for Starfleet Intelligence to the Cardassian space station orbiting the Dominion-occupied Betazed, Section 31 had arranged to have one of their Cardassian informants bring her there. She was also acting on a hunch that her son was being held there. But that backstabber Thalek must have sold out her and her team. The Starfleet Marines who accompanied her were ambushed almost immediately. She quickly lost contact with the other recon teams and the other members of her team were captured and being tortured for information.

The biggest challenge at this moment was making sure not to actually losing consciousness while hoping to incapacitate a passing guard. She took a piece of shrapnel to the back of her head—a small piece, but one that hit her hard. Her mind was flashing back and forth her actual surroundings and an old style hospital room with two human male doctors standing at the foot of her bed. One was an older looking man whose golden blond hair was slowly going gray. His voice sounded eerily similar to that of Crell Moset, the Cardassian scientist infamous for performing experiments on living people while he was stationed on Bajor. The other man, who had thick dark hair and large nose and spoke with a very acerbic tone, she did not recognize. Maybe he was also a Cardassian in reality. Both of them were dressed in lab coats over more formal outfits and reviewing notes written on antiquated pads of paper.

“Her genetic profile is almost an exact match to our other subject,” the human Moset look-alike said.

“Good,” the other male human replied. “Put her with the other subject. She’ll be happy to know her child is still alive in spite of what she was told. In the meantime, prepare the next series of tests.”

The setting flashed back to the corridor of Sentok Nor. Two Cardassians were slowly approaching. In the hospital room, she was seeing two orderlies walking towards her. “You should sedate her first,” the human Moset suggested to the two orderlies.

One of the Cardassians kneeled down towards her while running a scanning device over her seemingly unconscious form while the other was still standing upright, pointing his rifle at her.

In an instant, her eyes blinked open, wrapping one leg behind the leg of the guard hovering over her knocking his legs out from under himself. She ducked out of the way of the other Cardassian’s phaser fire and then stunned the first guard with her neural truncheon. The second guard was giving her no time to grab the first guard’s sidearm, and she bolted down the corridor.

The guard continued firing as Limis turned at an adjoining hallway. The guard ceased firing and quickly gave chase; taking notice of a door he heard slide open. He slowly stepped in the adjoining hallway to see two open doors on both sides. Which room had she entered, he wondered. He slowly walked towards the door on the right, keeping a close eye out for anyone in the vacant, unfurnished crew quarters. So far, no one was inside.

From the side of the corridor opposite the room the guard entered, Limis tiptoed through the door and jammed a knife in the back of the Cardassian’s neck. The guard swung around and hit her with the butt of his rifle. She gathered herself delivering a right hook to his jaw. During all that, the guard slowly collapsed having choked to death.

With barely an extra moment to spare, Limis grabbed the guard’s rifle from his hands and the disruptor pistol in his holster. For all she knew, all her colleagues who accompanied her were dead or captured. The mission to destroy Sentok Nor from within had failed. But as long she was on this station, she would try to free her son from Moset, or die trying.

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