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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Three or Four"

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I see...that's very different from the very conscious, active searching and discerning process I tend to associate with such changes in belief.
In his case it's the influence that his wife has on him. It's not any manipulation on her part; it's just what she is like. They live together and some of things blend and become a part of them both.

I think that for him his belief in karma is a natural thing--karma offers some fairness, some justice and some order of the universe and this fits well his Cardassian personality. Of course he wouldn't use the word for it, but he does sometimes express his "approval" that good things and bad things return, so 'mind what you're doing.'
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
There was even a loud, "PFFFT!" noise to go with it, as if to say, What?! You're actually worried about little old me? You're SILLY!

Brenok isn't oversensitive about his problem, either. He is very conscious of his scars, but he usually thinks that his hair draws more attention than his face (and he's right, as there are Cardassians with battle scars and none with long hair ).

What he doesn't like is his crew getting overprotective because of his problems. He doesn't want that kind of care. He doesn't want "Sir, I'll go on the mission, because of your shoulder. You stay in your cosy office aboard the ship." That would drive him mad.
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