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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

Ok, here are some details. My daughter was scrambling around so I didn't catch everything, and we walked in a few minutes late (started earlier than I thought it did).

Early on, a fan talked about how moved she was by the 1st & last episodes ending with "Set a course for home," and she asked Kate to say it. Kate had the woman--who was so nervous she just about broke down in tears asking the question--come to the foot of the stage when she said it.

Someone else asked her whether the Bellagio in Vegas or Lake Como was better. Kate prefers Lake Como, the real thing. But she was very gracious about Vegas hotels. She says she doesn't have a favorite one because she doesn't stay here that often.

The same woman says she's not a big Trek fan and is a "Trekkie by marriage." Asks her about her favorite onscreen kiss. It's the guy from "Counterpoint."

KM still thinks "Fair Haven" was wacky.

A guy asked her if what Garrett Wang said about Rick Berman telling the actors playing humans to be robotic and militaristic is true. KM said that GW has a very interesting perspective on life, said it absolutely wasn't true. Her biggest problem was them wanting to strap down her bosom. She had to deal with having 20 execs watching her film--very nerve-wracking. Asked to just be allowed to play the captain, they let her, and she did the best she could.

She talked about her stage work as well.

She promoted the new Adult Swim show she's in, NTSF:SD:SUV. We got to see some clips. It looks pretty funny.

She closed by imploring the fans to rise up and demand a Voyager movie.

Nobody asked her about the books.

Or pattern enhancers.
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