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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Not enough for you maybe.
Most likely not enough for the majority of people watching, even some trekkies. I still can't spot the different between to the two while passively watching the way I can with the TOS models. I didn't even know there were two models until very recently and I saw TNG in the original run.
I'd be careful about making sweeping generalization about what people 'want'. It's obvious there are plenty of people on both sides of the issue here, from the twin extremes of spending gobs of money to restore every repetitive stock shot used on the series to those that want to spend gobs of money on some crazy fool cinematic CGI effort.

The truth is, most people will be happy with something in the middle, just as they were with TOS-R. Likely that's what we're going to get with TNG-R (with maybe a bit more polish given the larger timeframe, public scrutiny, and higher expectations than TOS-R), so I wouldn't hold your breath for a CGI-fest or lots of archived model footage restoration.

Besides, you may not have noticed or been irritated by the differing ship models used in TNG, but I noticed it as a kid, and it really irked me. Far more than I was at the CGI from TOS-R.

TL;DR version, YMMV
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