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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Speaking of the Transhuman Authority, I've been wondering what the story is behind them. By the sound of their government, or faction (?), it sounds like their origin has something to do with the human race, either with the expressed purpose of opposing the human race, the United Worlds, or both, or so those who founded the Transhuman Authority could do their own thing, what ever that happened to be, whether Earth or the United Worlds liked it or not. Or does the story revolve around the legend of 12 other human colonies (if you know about the story of the 13 Crystal Skulls, you'll be familiar with the legend), and the Transhuman Authority was formed before Earth had starflight capabilities, and now Earth and her colonies and allies are caught up in some conflict that started long ago?

Or would that reveal spoilers, and that is something that will be revealed in the movie?

I'm just curious, does the Transhuman Authorities' origin belong with Earth, or are they completely unrelated to the human race?
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