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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Love the hex tiles on the lander. Now it's like Apollo + Space Shuttle.

The orange markings are really working out well. It does give it a unique character, which as I understand is what was intended.

Can we see a detail of the warning icons at the thrusters?

Here is some thinking out loud on the warning icons. On one hand, I would think that the military retro-fitters who worked on the ship would have frowned or disapproved of the icons, since they point to places worth targeting. On the other hand, I would expect a targeting computer in the future to recognize the thruster emplacements anyway. So, there's a cost-benefit analysis. What's their purpose? Who is being reminded where the thrusters are and why? What accidents are trying to be avoided? Another option might be to go with a subtler approach, and give the thruster emplacements a slightly different color. That could still achieve a warning effect, without the neon sign saying, "place IED here".

No net opinion here, just throwing out some thoughts.
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