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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Three or Four"

Is it that he just hasn't noticed? Or it's something he wouldn't want to believe of himself, as a good Cardassian?
It's something that he hasn't realised it happened. It didn't happen overnight, it was a slow process.

Somehow, Berat's reaction doesn't surprise me at all And I'm sure Brenok's would be very similar, if he knew what Karama was thinking. But Brenok was searching for medics' names in his memory, so he missed all signs of Karama's fear. It didn't even occur to him to find anything wrong or inappropriate with Karama's request--it was about Tavor's family, his wife and child and their health; it was nowhere near an undeserved promotion or anything of that kind. So Brenok did his best to help.

"Doc Hetalc." Sounds good to me
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