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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Three or Four"

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I think that after twenty years with her, his views shifted a bit. I wouldn't call him a believer, but he's not a "pure atheist" any more. She caught him more than once on mentioning karma and he accepts her faith as a part of her, without criticizing or ridiculing it or her. So if you asked him, he would deny everything (he doesn't really realise what happened to his own views), but there is a change in how he sees the world.
Is it that he just hasn't noticed? Or it's something he wouldn't want to believe of himself, as a good Cardassian?

He wasn't afraid of Brenok, but of Brenok's possible reaction to misinterpreting Karama's request. As you know, Brenok got his position due to being pushed there by his friend, without any experience and qualifications. He doesn't like it and in the result he doesn't like anyone using their contacts and friends to gain something that they didn't work hard for. Karama worried that Brenok might take his request as an attempt of abusing Tavor's relationship with Brenok for personal gain.
I'm sure Brenok would say that when the "gain" is the life of one's wife and child, then almost anything that doesn't break the law goes. "Should Karama have to earn the right for his wife to live??"

Or that Brenok might find it offensive: "Oh, you're a handicap, so you must know some good docs!" The last thing Tavor wanted to do was insulting his commanding officer.
Oh, boy...Gul Berat just totally rolled his eyes at that one. He said, "Come on...I think a wife and daughter in mortal peril are quite enough of a reason to try every option out there. And you know what? I may not know all the 'good docs' he needs, but who knows what a question in the right ear might do?"

Knowing Berat, it would become his MISSION IN LIFE for the time that he was helping one of his officers with such a request.

Oh...and he adds that he'd love to see the look on Dr. Hetalc's face if he addressed him as "Doc."

(Then again, he gave me kind of a sly smile when I said that. Maybe he actually has a nickname like that for Dr. Hetalc. That way he can show his affection and familiarity without dropping all surnames and titles, which despite his rank Berat feels would be very inappropriate to do with a man who could be his father or even grandfather.)
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