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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Three or Four"

What a powerful story, to watch Amrita fight for the life of her child!

It's quite a contrast, though, to see the harsh attitude of the "medics," though. I see racism is alive and well on Cardassia. That a medic would blame the couple for the problems they're having, and that people would judge Amrita were her child not to be 100% healthy, as inadequate and inferior because she was not a Cardassian...those are some sick mentalities. But the worst is medics who wouldn't take a threat to life seriously because of the races of those involved.

The Obsidian Order is calling; they want their "medics" back.

Thankfully we can see that wasn't a universal attitude, though. Borin may not have seen the solution, but I didn't see him engage in the blame game or do anything that he didn't think was in both Amrita's and Tarin's best interests. He even swallowed his pride when the chance to give both of them the best quality of life arose. And Juval certainly cared.

I was glad to see Glinn Karama really rethink the nature of sacrifice and understand what a twisted concept it really is, with the element of coercion Cardassian society puts into it. That was an important insight for him. He also showed what a good father he really is, that he would gladly love a child who was not physically perfect. Some people here on Earth haven't reached that stage yet.

Speaking of Glinn Karama's insights...this sentence really caught my attention: "Amrita’s gods were the witnesses that I was not perfect myself, so how could I expect that from anyone else?" I knew he abstained from zobar meat out of respect for his wife, but has he gone further than that?

One more thing...I was completely floored to see Karama so scared of Gul Brenok. I wasn't even sure it was Brenok he was afraid of; his fear was so great. At first I thought it had to be Jarol, except for the fact that this was a man. That was just shocking to me that he could see asking a simple question as some sort of abuse.

With that kind of thinking, it's no wonder it took so many medics to get someone who was willing to think outside the box.

Overall, good story!
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