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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 3: Plan of the Drahvins

Sub Chapter 3 – Enter UNIT (Part 1)

“Of course I will, Doctor, there is no point in remaining in it!” Kellira said. She turned to the guards who were waiting for her near the door. “Guards; March! Leave this Time Lord Timeship,” she ordered.
The guards stood up.

A guard opened the door and the Drahvin guards left the TARDIS. Kellira left the TARDIS after them.

“What happens now?” Sigrun asks.

“Now, we see if UNIT is responding to the message that the TARDIS sent before it appeared in the Drahvin ship,” the Doctor said. He changed the scanner focus from the Drahvin plan file to a view of the Earth. “Very good, an entire fleet of Valiant-Class ships are on their way here,” he said.

“You mean the earliest version of flying ships?” Jia'hale asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“So, we wait for UNIT to show up? Or do we do something?” Sabrina asked.

“At the moment the Drahvin forces on the ground should be in disarray following the destruction of the flagship, we will have to make sure it stays that way,” the Doctor said.

In the meantime, Kellira was not idle, she was giving orders to her soldiers over a radio she had on her person – the Drahvins were not as in disarray as the Doctor thought.
“Converge on the site of the explosion, arrest the Doctor! Don't let him take off in his Timeship!”

The Drahvin soldiers acknowledged the order from the commanding officer and started moving. They immediately began to surround smouldering park, where the TARDIS was standing.

The Doctor and his companions had not been idle either. They stood around the TARDIS surveying the scene; hence they could see the Drahvin soldiers approaching...

“What do we do Doctor?” Sabrina asked.

“We go to the UNIT force, they may need my help,” the Doctor said.

“Sounds like a good idea, those soldiers look like they may be firing their guns soon,” Sigrun said.

“In disarray? I wouldn't like to see them when they are not!” Jia'hale said.

“Not so much as I thought then, quick! Into the TARDIS!” the Doctor said. He and his companions bolted into the TARDIS, he closed the doors with a click of his fingers as he passed through them. And just in time too, as a Drahvin energy bolt slammed into one of them as they closed.

“You were not fast enough,” Kellira said.

“My apologies, Mistress,” the soldier in charge said.

“You will be punished! But first, the Doctor will be captured; no doubt he is planning something. He might have sent a message to the United Intelligence Taskforce, it cannot be a coincidence that a fleet of theirs is approaching,” Kellira said.

“Are we going to the UNIT fleet?” Felicia asked.

“We are going now,” the Doctor said. He set the TARDIS in motion.

“No, it is too late” Kellira said, as the TARDIS dematerialised.

“What happens now Mistress?” the soldier asked.
“We prepare for the arrival of UNIT,” Kellira said.

UNIT Ship Valiant II

The TARDIS materialised on the Bridge, the soldiers there jumping to attention as it materialised.

The Doctor stepped out.

“Doctor, we started mobilising as soon as we saw the emergency signal,” the captain of the Valiant II said.

“Status of the Azorean situation and the Drahvin forces following the explosion, Captain...?” the Doctor asked.

“Captain Roberta Anderson. The explosion of the Drahvin ship had an EMP effect that has affected everything in the Azores. We are not reading anything. Sensors are showing another Drahvin fleet in geosynchronous orbit over the mouth of the Amazon,” the captain said.

“How large is it?” the Doctor asked. He hoped that it would not be so large that UNIT would not be able to handle it.

“There are over twenty ships,” Captain Anderson said. The companions then began to leave the TARDIS.

“So this is what a UNIT ship looks like? Very functional and yet still aesthetically pleasing. Exactly what flying aircraft carriers should look like,” Sabrina said. She had been waiting for an opportunity like this since she first started traveling with the Doctor.

“These are your companions Doctor?” Captain Anderson asked, her voice showing concern.

“Yes. I can vouch for all of them. They are either from Earth, or their ancestors come from Earth,” the Doctor said.

“The Drahvins need to be driven away from Earth,” Jia'hale said, with vehemence.

“Of course they do. But it needs to be done without too much collateral damage,” Captain Anderson said.

“Good that we agree on that,” the Doctor said. Felicia looked at a display of the Azores as the image was refreshed.

“Doctor, Captain, the sensors seem to be working,” she said, as she noticed a lot of blips.

“The Drahvins seem to have survived the destruction of their ship quite well, Doctor,” Captain Anderson said. “They seemed to have prepared for the possibility of the Doctor interfering.”

“They have,” the Doctor said. He turned to Sabrina. “Would you go into the TARDIS and transmit the plan file to the Valiant II?” he asked.

“Yes, I will,” Sabrina said. She went back into the TARDIS.

“Plan file?” Captain Anderson asked, wondering why the Doctor didn’t fill her in about it as soon as he exited the TARDIS.

“The Drahvin in charge of the invasion had a file containing her plan for the invasion of the Azores in the computer of the ship that exploded,” the Doctor said, being careful not to say anything about the reason for the explosion.

Sabrina accessed the plan file with ease and transmitted a copy of it to the Valiant II. ‘I hope that this situation does not get too out of hand,’ she thought as she turned around and headed back to the exterior door.

“We are receiving a transmission from the TARDIS now, ma’am. A plain text file,” the Valiant II’s communications officer, Kevin Geraldton, said.

“Save it, and bring it up on the secure viewer,” the captain said. She didn’t want the plan to be known to all of the crew, which would be the case if it wasn’t stored in a secure location.

“Done, Captain. The file is ready for us to see,” Geraldton said, after a few moments spent copying the file to said viewer.

Sabrina exited the TARDIS and joined the Doctor, the Captain, Felicia and Daniel at the secure viewer.

“The TARDIS has translated the file from the original Drahvin into English. There may be grammatical errors here and there,” the Doctor said. He knew that such errors were few, compared to the length of the document.

“That is noted, Doctor,” the Captain said, after a moment. Grammatical errors were the least of their problems.

They started going over the file. Very quickly they had found very interesting information to use against the Drahvins.

Back in Ponta Delaga, Kellira was not idle. She knew that the Doctor had got a hold of the plan and was now talking to the captains of the ships in orbit about changes to it.

Ten minutes later the Drahvin fleet in orbit began to move, firing their retrorockets and then moving out of the equatorial plane...

“Captain! The Drahvin fleet has changed its orbit, it is now on a path to the Azores,” the Valiant II's Tactical Officer, Theodore Franks, said.

“How soon until they enter the atmosphere?” the Captain asked, hoping that they had time to prepare for their arrival.

'“Ten minutes,” Franks said.

“Kellira is changing the plan!” Sabrina said. It was not entirely unexpected, but Sabrina still was annoyed at the fact.

“That she is,” the Doctor said.

“Maybe she isn’t changing all of it, we can still review the rest of the plan,” Felicia said.

“That is true. But we need to be ready for the arrival for the fleet,” Captain Anderson said. To Sabrina, she seemed rather anxious.

‘Of course, so would I if I were in her place.’

“I know that,” Felicia said. Captain Anderson walked over to Geraldton, ready to give him the next order.

“Contact the Defender and the Hornblower. Tell them to prepare the plasma cannons, we may need them,” she said.

“Yes, Captain,” Geraldton said. He relayed the Captain’s orders to those two ships.

The Doctor looked at the sensor display. It appeared that the new Drahvin fleet was getting ready to land near Ponta Delaga. Maybe the UNIT ships could attempt to block it from landing? Of course the Drahvins would probably just attempt to land elsewhere, but it had to irk Kellira and it would also disrupt her new plan. The Captain was coming back. He shared his plan with her.

“It is worth a shot, but it is incredibly risky,” she said.

“We have to do something about the fleet,” Felicia said.

“Absolutely, Elisa,” the Doctor said. Captain Anderson was then in thought.

“It is a good idea, but it not a good idea to use the whole fleet. We can use two thirds for your strategy, and the rest as a reserve,” the Captain said.

“Good idea,” the Doctor said. He then listened to the rest of the Captain’s plan, hoping that it would succeed.
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