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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I understand that you're new here (and welcome) but dredging up old posts from someone banned to attack that poster is really not acceptable.

The guy is gone, any trouble he caused here is history, and trouble he caused elsewhere as you reference is not our business and let's get back to discussing various fan productions.

Understood...and no harm or attack intended...just to clarify, as was pointed out, to my GREAT dismay, his actions were reflecting poorly on others from another forum, as some here had pointed out. I cannot stand guilt by association and I just wanted to make it VERY clear that we (the others) in NO WAY abide by those actions any more than you do. I had no idea he'd been banned here, being new and all. I just wanted all offended to know that the problem was delt with, not to attack, (heavens NO!) or rub anyone's nose in their mess, but in the spirit of keeping the peace. Fair enough?


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!
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