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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

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Absoultely! These are among my favorites, really, with a few others from the Ron Jones collection ("1101001," "Where Silence Has Lease" being two spectacular examples). The combination of strong, powerful scoring, the use of themes (including truly wonderful use of both the Courage and Goldsmith fanfares), powerful and pounding action cues, and being emotive makes these great. I hope we get more of Season 1 soon (some that have seen no releases include "The Last Outpost," "The Arsenal of Freedom," "Justice," "Home Soil," and "Angel One")
Volume 2 absolutely needs to have "The Last Outpost", "Justice" and "The Arsenal of Freedom". Not to mention more from "Hide & Q", "The Big Goodbye" and "Conspiracy".
Since there is so much more music that has yet to be released at all, I doubt the LaLa Land crew will devote more disc space to episode scores already found on Volume One. And truth be told, is there really that much more music remaining in "Hide & Q", "The Big Goodbye" and "Conspiracy" that is worthwhile on its own? "Hide & Q" has variations on the French National anthem, "The Big Goodbye" has some brief dramatic cues and "Conspiracy" simply has more of the creepy suspense cues already found on this volume.

I agree, though, that more Season One music from McCarthy should be included, such as the aforementioned episodes, "The Last Outpost" and "The Arsenal of Freedom". After that, I would add "Peak Performance", "The Hunted", "Half a Life" and "Genesis", plus Chattaway's "Power Play" and "Preemptive Strike".
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