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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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^^ I'm going to be singing that all day now And doing the sexy look over the shoulder while standing sideways

All right, now is the time for your weekly NTSF

And an interview that Kate did recently.

My fav part of the interview was this...

That's awesome. I know it will be awhile before a DVD release for this show, but do you think there will be a lot of material for gag reels or other bonus materials from what you shot this season?

Kate Mulgrew: Don't you think the thing itself is a gag reel? (Laughs) Any bloopers could not match what is on camera. I think the bloopers in this case are kind of a redundancy.
You know, I've always thought KM to be very well-spoken. She has a way with words. I really appreciate that, because you can see she's intelligent as well as talented artistically.

All of which is
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