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Re: "Rare" Star Trek: Encarta Bridge Set Stills

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VERY nice! I hope the set gets some new use one of these days.
My new business partner and I were recently toying around with an idea. We came up with a very clever concept for a fifth film or a brand new fan series. I've been hesitant to continue the Encarta story because I feel like standalone stories offer bigger potential; however it would be fun to make a number 5, which effectively would tie up the rift story that began in E:III and turn the story into a true trilogy. The biggest issue was finding believable FC/NEM era costumes, as you may remember the entire Encarta wardrobe was destroyed for the forth film (FYI, we never actualy had proper era costuming due to costs, the films utilized rather cheap TNG era costumes)...We also thought about designing something entirely new, but my attempts to find a costume designer at an affordable rate ended rather quickly...Around Halloween I almost purchased 8 of these: I wasn't to sure the quality would be good enough for full HD at the price they wanted for them. My parent company, Bright Idea Pictures is now equipped with a full resolution Canon 5D. Maybe the folks at Intrepid would loan their wardrobe, fantastic costumes by the way

I actually made it as far as asking a few of the original players if they'd be interested in reprising their roles. However after the financial battle of doing another fan film, we opted to go another direction with an entirely new idea which is currently in pre-production. I made these films when I was a kid, and spent next to nothing on them. It's amazing to think that the only thing that threw up a red light for production was personally financing wardrobe! The rest of the film I can work on in my basement at or above the quality level of Dark Hope. Some might remember my recent "Q Who" blunder, I think I did all of those effects in less than 2 weeks. It really amazes me how much faster things render these days with the right equipment. Before the Q Who project, the last time I rendered Star Trek effects was in '07.
Update: A project I was working on with the working title "Encarta V: Redemption" looks to now be officially canceled.

I was also working on a new st fan film concept, however that has also been dropped. My business partner and I put a good deal of development into the concept, including a very interesting new uniform design I think fans would really have liked. I think the story was really unique, as well as the new ship I was in the process of building. Sadly, we've decided that the project was simply to costly to produce at this time. Hopefully some day, we can return to the idea.

Additionally, Encarta IV: Dark Hope - The Extended Recut looks to also be on the chopping block. The new cut was going to feature a higher quality internet release and an all new original sound track. Communication between me and the gentlemen producing the tracks seems to have fallen off. Maybe someday this project can be picked back up if he gets time to finish scoring the film.

I am however in the process of making a new feature length movie, outside the realm of science fiction/fan films. I'm also really enjoying playing Vulcan Engineer Ravek on "Star Trek: Mariner".
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