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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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That's all well and good. However, showing snippets to the fans is only going to increase their frustration and impatience ten-fold. And that won't help the situation at all.

I mean, it's rather uncooth, tormenting fans like that. Especially when this final act has been way overdue for some time, and all inquiring fans have gotten is very little to no response at all. Or if they have, all they have gotten is rude answers.

That's almost like poking and prodding a wasps nest. Or worse, like a feline tormenting a mouse(ala Tom and Jerry).

I say quit teasing the fans with snippets and just release it in time for the 45th Anniversary.
Oh, I know who you are now.

It'll be released when it's done, and there is nothing you, I or anyone else (bar the editor) can do or say to change that. So I suggest you go get a cup of coffee and relax in whatever safe harbor you call home while we all wait.
OH SNAP!! You may have a future as a detective! For the record, that ain't home for him any more...the eviction notice was served the other day....for all the reasons you might (or might not) imagine... and others are pending if folks don't mind their Ps & Qs...

I know this is from old posts, but I just started coming in here to keep watch on the AJAX thread.
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