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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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I just wanna know if the Grandeur will ever be complete.
I know it seems like the project has all but died not seeing much going on in recent weeks, but I wanted to get a post out letting you all know it is still going strong, just at the moment, in other areas and things.

I have been talking with Vektor here and there and of course as some of you know he has been working his other main project the Polaris, of which I say is coming along nicely

While not on TrekBBS but more on Scifi Meshes we have other Grandeur related project stuff going on: Bridge and other rooms thread, The USS Blackfoot which is Grandeur's Main support/assault ship and other project things happening.

There is a slight chance that something will be posted by Vektor possibly by this weekend if not before, but if it does not happen, just know he is still working on it behind the scenes and will be back in somewhat full swing after the Polaris thread is totally wrapped up.

The project is still very much alive and Grandeur herself will get completed. I guess for those of you that really want to see this ship get done, it does test our patience, so be strong, it will happen.
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