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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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^ Me, I'm actively working to counteract the upcoming dent in retail sales and consumer spending by buying lots of Blu-rays

Blade Runner - Final Cut/Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

jeez. And yet another final director's cut, it has it all edition of Blade Runner! I bought the last one they put out. I refuse to buy this one! I REFUSE do you hear me people???
Do you have the suitcase from 2007 with all five versions? That's what I have. Three years ago, I spent a week watching all five over a five night period, and got so sick of it that I haven't taken it off the shelf since. Although, I was thinking about watching just the original theatrical version again.

Huh. I missed that one! I think im on my third edition of Bladerunner but somehow i didn't get that one. But really, i'm never buying another one again. I hope.
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