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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

I love it when she "comes to" and she and Janeway have a heart to heart in sickbay re: her need to "hold on". Great abridged version, just withOUT the preferred scene!

The scene:

SEVEN: Thank you, Captain. If you do speak with him could you tell him that his mother is all right and if he could pos... Captain.
SEVEN: Yes. The vinculum?
JANEWAY: We're preparing to shut it down right away. I'll give the order as soon as Torres is ready.
SEVEN: How long was I absent?
JANEWAY: About twenty minutes.
SEVEN: How many?
JANEWAY: Two. One of them wanted to acquire half the items on the ship. Daimon Torrot, I believe.
SEVEN: Species 180, Ferengi.
JANEWAY: Yes. The other was a woman whose son was lost in a Borg attack. You'll get through this, Seven.
They stand side by side, not looking at each other as Seven's voice wavers.
SEVEN: I do not share your optimism. When you took me from the Borg and began to turn me into an individual I found the silence of my own mind difficult to bear. I missed the voices of the Collective. But now that I am an individual those same voices frighten me. Captain, I don't know if I can tolerate this condition much longer. My courage is insufficient.
JANEWAY: Your job is to keep trying. To hold on even when you think you can't. Leave the rest to me and the crew.
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