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Re: A New Modern Trek Animated Series

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I'd like to see an experiment done where CBS rebrands Star Trek Enterprise, to discover how many viewers that can get on one of its main flagships channels. You know, in Prime-time or close to - at an hour unprecidented for a 10 year old property.


Completely new opening title sequence, losing the middle of the road pop song - to give it a fighting chance.
Now that's a pretty good idea. The rebranding can simply be "see what Starfleet was up to before Kirk and Spock" (meaning Pine and Quinto of course, for the new generation of viewers.) A lot of the movie audience probably doesn't know ENT exists. I wasn't very happy with the series, but it's decent enough and a good test case.

But once again, this requires that CBS care enough about Star Trek to run a prime-time experiment, which is a radical idea. I can't envision some CBS honcho putting his/her neck on the chopping block by suggesting this idea at a meeting. They'd be smarter to just suggest another CSI spinoff instead.

So in fact, your idea requires a great deal of effort, for that CBS exec who is willing to risk a lucrative career to even suggest it. I don't see CBS as being a place where innovation and risk-taking are particularly prized.
Cheers, Temis. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Maybe they'll think about it a few years time when the economic situation gets worse and filling gaps on TV with something other than CSI reruns, is smart. It's basically how TOS got started. Major stations getting a hold of a dead show, editing it to fit a timeslot, scheduling it in time for a new generation who were just getting home from school. Enterprise has an advantage already existing in HD and hardly anybody having seen it that way. Just needs tidying up around the edges (lose the theme song, rescoring some of the incidental music at most), rather than wait for a remastering project that takes years to do, from the ground up.
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