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Re: La-La Land Records Releasing a 3-CD Set of TNG Scores at Comic-Con

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I finally got around to listening to some of this, just "Haven" and "Hide and Q" so far. Well, and the main title track at the start. It reminds me how much I dislike the TNG version of the Goldsmith theme. I mean, it's almost exactly the same arrangement, but it just doesn't sound as good to me as the versions conducted by Goldsmith for the movies. I don't like the trumpet performance -- it sounds, I don't know, cheesier somehow, less classy. I think it's a bit more staccato, and I don't like that. Also there seems to be less bass in the mix, and that makes the theme sound more lightweight, less rich. Maybe the orchestra is smaller?
There are a whole lot of variables that could have contributed to the different sound - smaller orchestra, different recording studio, different mix engineers, equipment, etc. I do get what you mean by it sounding 'cheesier,' though the word I would have come up with is 'cheaper'.
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