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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

I saw X-Men: First Class for the 3rd time yesterday at the discount theater. My father came too. He doesn't particularly care for complicated SF/F mythology movies but he really liked this one. He said that, from what he remembered, it was the best of the X-Men movies he's seen.

I'm starting to agree that it's the best of the X-Men movies. I won't really be able to say for sure until the DVD comes out and I can do an all day marathon on X-Men: First Class, X-Men, & X2 and see them all on equal footing. But I'm starting to give a very strong edge to X-Men: First Class out of those 3. It just keeps getting better each time I see it. It's not just a decent movie. Every time, I leave the theater feeling rejuvinated.

I have a serious proposition for a fictional character: Raven Darkholme, will you marry me? I fall deeper & deeper in love with Mystique with every subsequent viewing. It's amazing that such an enigmatic piece of cheesecake from the 1st movie has been morphed into such a sympathetic, dynamic character. And it's clear that Xavier kept his promise of not reading her mind. If he had, he wouldn't have said so many dunderheaded things to send her over to the dark side. (At the very least, she might not have taken his romantic rejections of her so personally if he had explained the Westermark Effect to her.)

Meanwhile, Magneto got game! I mean, he came up with a line so perfect that he convinced a hot chick to spend THE REST OF HER LIFE walking around naked!

I also really dig the comic relief during the training montage between Xavier & Hank McCoy. This is something I would like to see a lot more of in the sequel. (In fact, I'm even picturing a comedy bit where McCoy tries to invent a mechanical apparatus to make Xavier walk again. It's comically malfunctioning but introduces a concept that could theoretically explain why Xavier is walking again in X-Men Origins: Wolverine & X-Men: The Last Stand, and why he didn't continue to use that contraption later.)

While part of me thinks that the X-Men 4 ship has sailed, I wouldn't be averse to seeing them try. I'd especially like to see a reunion between Xavier, Mystique, & Beast. Of course, anything that advances the relationships of those 3 in an X-Men: First Class sequel would also be very welcome!

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The leaked "Deadpool" script written by the "Zomblieland" writers did a great and hilarious job of acknowledging the Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". I believe that the plans are to have the character be a new version, separate version from the one we saw.
How do they acknowledge it?
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